Saturday, January 28, 2012

What's in a name?

This blog is moving again!  There are lots of different reasons that I have not kept up on my blogging.  Over the past year, while I've sat down to blog several times, obviously not a lot has been published.  While Rocky was deployed I blogged all the time--in part, truthfully, because I had A LOT of time on my hands.  I posted about us and about a lot of silly things.  When he returned home and with the blog being called The Bradys and the web address being thebradybunch08 I felt the need to only post about things that had to do with the both of us.  And with him not contributing anything I felt that I was making our story one-sided.  Plus I felt like I shouldn't post my silly things like Disjointed about a random thought leading to another random thought to another and so on.  Or a post about my love of Flair or the cruel and unusual Marshmallow Test. =) 

So .... my blog is moving to  A place where I can and WILL post about our going-ons and also for my random quips, quotes, videos and photos that I feel like I want to share.  See you there!

 "Let your light shine. Shine within so you can shine on someone else."
Oprah Winfrey

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